About Me

Hi, I am Lynn

Following a career with Barclays Bank and several more years in the financial sector, the direction of my work and the quality of my life started to change in 2009.

Since then I have trained and qualified as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Sophrologist, Yoga Teacher, and Foundation Training Instructor. I completed the first year of a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and the first year of training in the Feldenkrais Method (that’s all about organic learning from within the body discovering how it really works) Just can’t stop learning!

However, my first love (except hubby) is playing golf and I am currently exploring the possibilities by asking myself these questions…….

  • how good can I get at this wonderful game at this stage in my life?
  • can I apply my unique mix of practice, skills, knowledge and experience to my game to make it even better and even more enjoyable?
  • can I inspire and help others do the same?

We all need help along the way and I am working with Russell Heritage, PGA coach (russellheritagegolf.com) online on the technical aspects of my swing, Sam Vickers (svgolfperformance.com) Strength and Conditioning coach training online for my body. 

I feel blessed to have such a great team around me – not forgetting my very wonderfully supportive husband who, since my near early demise in 2015, has been looking after me by cooking great food keeping us both very well. I am really enjoying the process of changing my game even though its hard work. I’m hoping all our efforts will pay off when we get back out on the course this year.

I may even then be in a good position to help you get started or maybe even improve the game you’ve got if you are feeling stuck and finding it hard to find the answers.

I feel confident your health and wellbeing and perhaps your experience of life itself will change for the better along the way!