Foundation Training for a stronger more pain free body

Foundation Training instructor Training in Florida, Fire station 1 West Central Boulevard- wow what an experience! Even got stuck in the lift and had to call 911 to be resuced!

Foundation Training is a practical programme of specific exercise which trains your body to use the posterior chain (shoulders, back, glutes & legs) with emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing. The result of regular practice is a much stronger back, relief from pain and a greater sense of wellbeing. I know this from my own personal experience and I have trained so that I can share it with you. It has made an amazing difference to me and my bulging disc L3/4!

If you have or have had chronic back pain, or prefer prevention to cure these exercises could be just what you need to do to make a big difference to how your back works. The training was led by Dr Eric Goodman, who has spent years studying human physiology and movement and has helped all ages of people out of pain and also improve performance. I am running courses in Moulton Village Hall and in Spalding (tba). If you would like to book click below or contact me.There will be limited places so please book early.

Next Course

Friday  17th November to Friday  1st December 2017 -11am to 12noon – Foundation Training – The Basics  – Moulton Community Centre – Click to BOOK your place      

Cost of the 3 week course is £60 and includes access to a coaching app for daily support to encourage your practise for the duration of the course.