Mindfulness in Business

Looking after your staff has never been more important to your business. Reducing sickness absence and improving performance, whilst maintaining work life balance is challenging. NHS England 5 Year Forward Review highlights the need for individuals and employers to take more responsibility and an active role in maintaining their own health and that of their employees.

The introduction of mindfulness into your organisation is a positive step in the right direction. Mental health can be improved with mindfulness practice, it’s time to take action and provide your workforce with the extra help they need to:

  • reduced levels of anxietysophrologyclass
  • increase ability to manage stress
  • focus attention and think clearly
  • develop a more positive attitude
  • improve listening and communictaion skills
  • enhance creativity
  • increase productivity
  • improve relationships at work and at home
  • better sleep
  • reduce sickness absence

Book an Introduction to Mindfulness in Business talk and/or a 5 week course to get you started.

The Introduction will be based around the Seven Ways to Wellbeing giving an overview with an experience of mindful practice and the follow up course will embed practice for sustainable change…

All delivered in an accessible, engaging and down to earth way, backed up by science, which will challenge the view of the most cynical in your organisation!

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