Mindfulness in Education

From Primary School to University children and young adults can benefit hugely from mastering mindful practices and sophrology techniques. In this fast paced world where there is so much pressure on kids to look a certain way and behave a certain way they can lose the joy of just being children and having fun. Always worrying about performance, what other people will say or how they will look.

As the pressure of what’s going on outside begins to have an impact on their internal experience, their ability to be more present, less judgemental and kind to themselves and others becomes so important. Feeling safe and secure is essential for learning and recalling information. The skills are particularly useful before and during exams. Being able to move your attention at will and drop rumination are great tools for a better functioning brain and a healthier, happier mind.

I have create a talk called:

 Don’t Worry, Be Happy(5 A Day for your Mind)  

and you can follow this up with a tailored 

6 week Good Foundations Programme

which  will provide pupils with:

    – easy practices to introduce into their day
    – a selection of breathing practices to calm their nervous system
    – information about the effects of stress on their body so they can be more aware and take action
     – useful facts about their brain
    – tools to deal with negative thoughts
    – useful tools to release tension and to let go of stress
    – practical experience of mindfulness and sophrology

The talk will give an overview with an experience of mindful practice and sophrology techniques and the  ‘Good Foundations Programme’ will embed practice for sustainable change in the following areas:

    – Being present
    – Letting go of negative thoughts
    – Taking a different perspective
     – Finding Solutions
    – Keeping Positive

All delivered in an accessible, engaging and down to earth way, backed up by science, which will challenge the view of the most cynical in your organisation!

A great addition to a Staff Training Day, providing teachers with new ways to deal with the stresses and strains of teaching today. For calmer classrooms and staffrooms, more mindful moments and perhaps a new perspective on life.

Complete the contact form to book your training day session now or go to www.wellbeingforlearning.co.uk for more information.