Office Yoga

Office yoga is a great way to bring beneficial stretches and mindful moments into your day at your desk. Contact me to arrange a ‘Presentation with Participation’ and/or a 5 week course to start you off with some new habits.

The benefits of regular yoga practice include:

    – the release of tension in body and mind
    – strengthening of muscles
    – increased flexibility
    – better circulation
    – lower blood pressure
    – improved mood
    – greater concentration
    – increased creativity
    – stonger immune system

To name but a few…………

Yoga is for everyone and it is my mission to make it as engaging and accessible as possible by bringing it to your office. So if you feel that you are getting older and stiffer; not sleeping as well as you used to; picking up every bug that goes around the office and are tired of listening to the chattering monkeys in your mind, this is just what the doctor order. Nothing to weird or alternative, just letting of tension in body and mind as you go through the day so that it doesn’t have the chance to become an on going problem.

We all have wake up calls from our bodies telling us if things aren’t quite as they should be. Don’t press the snooze button. Sit up take note and move your body more.