Positive Psychology

The field of positive psychology is relatively new and looks at what makes humans flourish. Not that surprisingly it is the simple things in life that hold the key to happiness. Things like stopping to smell the roses, appreciating what you have, giving what you can, being kind to yourself and others, avoiding social comparison, going with the flow, nurturing good relationships, letting go of destructive ones, noticing your environment, accepting what is, noticing what you are thinking about and finding purpose and meaning in your life. Simple but not always easy. Small steps overtime make for lasting change.

smell the roses

Ask yourself – What’s the one thing that I could start doing today to make positive change in my life? What’s the one thing that I could stop doing today to make positive change in my life? Then just do it!

Ask yourself – What am I good at?  Do more of it. What brings me joy? Do it more often!

Ask yourself – If I had all the money and all the time in the world what would I do? Make a plan see what’s possible.  If I knew my time was running out (which it is!) what would I do? Get on with it!

Understand that doing more of what doesn’t work doesn’t work. We tend to have regular habits and patterns of behaviour which are our default settings. Increasing our awareness of whether our habits are nourishing or depleting us will help us make better choices.