Sophrology is inspired by mindfulness, meditation, japanese zen, yoga breathing, western relaxation techniques, neuro-science and positive psychology. It  is a powerful mix of Eastern wisdom and Western science inspired by ancient practices and backed up by scientific research. Whilst popular as an alternative to pills in many parts of Europe for over 50 years, it is relatively unheard of in the UK until now………

Sophrology uses breathing, gentle stretches and relaxation techniques, in a structured way, to bring about a calm state of body and mind; relieving stress, reducing anxiety, lifting depression, improving sleep patterns and promoting a feeling of general wellbeing. Its simple, easy and very effective. You can practice at home and build the skills into your life for lasting results.

Incorporating mindfulness, positive psychology, meditation, gentle stretches and guided visualisation in a structured way it has been used successfully in Europe for over 50 years to:

  • prevent and cure many stress related illness
  • improve sporting and public performance
  • improve sleep patterns
  • increase enjoyment of life

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sophrology session – gentle stretch