The Mindful Golf Course

A new type of golf course which will help and encourage you to build mindful practice into your daily life. Overtime this will improve your experience  both on and off the golf course. You will discover a range of  body mind tools and techniques that with practice will be there for you to draw on when you need them most.

I am applying my own mindful meditation and sophrology techniques to my own game and you can follow my progress on my blog  –

IMG_0416The Mindful Golf Course

focusses on…..

  • awareness – getting out of your own way
  • presence – on the tee and green
  • letting go – of bad shots
  • acceptance – moving on
  • concentration – improving it
  • visualisation – using it to your advantage

The Mindful Golfer Score Card will help you to monitor your progress as you build your new skills. Check it out at 


Whether you are new to golf or have been playing for years these tools are invaluable both on and off the course. By focussing on relaxing your body and mind when you address the ball, distracting the thinking mind and allowing the body’s innate wisdom to step in and take control your game will become more consistent. Its all about ‘getting out of your own way’ and trusting and believing in yourself!

Your mindful practice on the course will spill over into your life off the course. You may notice that you are calmer, less reactive, more compassionate to your self and others, less judgemental and more able to take a wider perspective. The benefits of mindfulness meditation are huge, it takes discipline a bit like training a puppy!

After a few weeks you will realise that you have strengthened the ‘muscles’ that bring your attention, where you want it, when you want and you will have the power to keep it there. This is a fantastic skill to acquire – less worrying and more focussing on the good things in your life (and your game). The power of attention opens doors to parts of our brain and mind that you don’t need to understand but you can use it to your advantage and really notice the difference.

For more information and to read my blog which follows my journey to bring my own handicap down go to

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