Welcome to Wellbeing for Living


I have tried to capture the essence of what I teach for better mental health into 7 practices  which I call the Seven Ways to Wellbeing .

You can purchase, listen to and download here (£3.50 each, or all 7 for just £21).

I also do talks, presentations and workshops based around these practices for business, schools and golf clubs. As with anything new practise is the key and you can listen to the recordings as often as you like.

You become good at what you are practising by making changes in your brain – what are you practising?

Consider your wellbeing for a moment……

Are you as happy as you could be or used to be?

Do you have enough energy to achieve what you want?

Is your mind focused and relaxed when you want it to be?

Is your body strong and flexible?

Do you have time for yourself?

Are you having enough fun?

If the answer is NO then it’s time to make some changes and put in some practise. It’s time to move your body more, to learn mindfulness and meditation, to take up a new or old hobby, to connect with like minded people and of course what you eat is important too! The Seven Ways to Wellbeing might be a good place to start….

and this……

Are you stressed most of the time?

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Are you easily upset or angered?

Are you always rushing and chasing your tail?

If you answered YES  then it’s time to take a closer look at how you are spending your time in this precious life. The Seven Ways to Wellbeing might be a good place to start….

What do I know…….?

A few years ago I would have answered NO and YES to the above group of questions respectively. I have changed my life and you can too!

What are you waiting for…….?

Move your body more, take up a sport or hobby, try some yoga, learn to meditate, learn how to relax, find out what’s important to you, make better choices…. we all have more choices than we think! We aren’t here for very long, let’s make the most of it.