Mindfulness and Meditation

If you were  told about a pill that you took daily  that reduced anxiety and increased contentment would you take it? If you heard that this pill had a wide variety of side effects all of them good – greater self esteem, enhanced creativity, more empathy, happiness and better memory, and it is free  now would you take it? The pill exists its called meditation!

Meditation is simple, free, has positive side effects, makes you calmer, happier, more relaxed it integrates and improves the functioning of your brain.

Mindfulness meditation is a bit like circuit training for the brain. Circuits at the gym involve a variety of conditioning, resistance and endurance exercises to improve the performance of certain muscles in the body. Mindful practices include a variety of techniques to help you improve your ability to move and maintain the focus of your attention with openness, acceptance and expanded awareness.

Neuroscience has proven that this type of practice is very good for the brain the body and its great for golf!