Yoga at Home

Not everyone has time to attend a yoga class every week, if you would like to own a class and watch it anytime to suit you

Lynn Yoga BUY YOUR ONLINE YOGA CLASS for only £6.

As soon as I receive notification of your purchase I will send you the link and you can watch as often as you like!

Just make sure that you have plently of space and won’t be disturbed the class is about 45mins long and just work within your own limits. You might feel a stretch in your muscles but shouldn’t feel any joint pain. What is going on in your mind is as important as what is going on in your body, it’s all connected. So pay attention to your inner experience, as your mind throws in thoughts to take you away from the present, gently guide your attention back to your body.

Over time your yoga practice will bring strength and flexibility to your bones and muscles. Your balance will improve with practice. You will feel more present and relaxed. You will become less likely to pick up coughs and colds as your immune system improves. The benefits go on and on. For me the best thing is presence, feeling present means you can enjoy the moments of your life more fully. If we are always dashing on to the next thing we will miss out on the moments of our life.

Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think!